Course Information

Course Map for Our Class

I made a course map- this is what I hope you get out of this class (minus my terrible handwriting)

Here is the Syllabus for our class.  As Snoop Dogg says, you have to read the syllabus.  Everything you need to know for this class is in there.

Here is our course schedule (which is also on the syllabus)

Week Dates Topic Reading & Assignments
Week 1 Mar 8-14 Introduction Complete Introduction Slide. Fill out the Information Form. Decide where you will blog (on our class site, on your own site, or in Blackboard), and send a link to to Dr. Brandle if necessary. Review and choose your adventures, then plan out your schedule (sample week and adventures for the semester) and write a blog post about your plan.
Week 2 Mar 15-21 The Founding & The Constitution Chapters 1 & 2, Crash Course Videos 2-5
Week 3 Mar 22-28 Federalism Chapter 3, Crash Course Video 4
Week 4 Mar 29-Apr 4 SPRING BREAK
Week 5 Apr 5-11 Civil Liberties Chapter 4, Crash Course Videos 23-28Meme due by April 11.
Week 6 Apr 12-18 Civil Rights Chapter 5, Crash Course Videos 29-32
Week 7 Apr 19-25 Midterm Exam & Legislative Branch Chapter 6, Crash Course Videos 6-10  Make sure you have completed the exam by 11:59pm on April 25.
Week 8 Apr 26-May 2 The Executive Branch Chapter 7, Crash Course Videos 11-14.  Midterm check-in blog post: do a self-assessment of your progress so far- check your first post about what your plans were against how you’re doing so far. What is working well and what isn’t? What specific changes (if any) do you need to make to ensure successful completion of this course?
Week 9 May 3-9 The Judicial Branch Chapter 8, Crash Course Videos 19-22
Week 10 May 10-16 Voting and Elections Chapter 9, Crash Course Videos 36-39  Last week to get book review, chapter rewrite, or design your own adventure proposals approved.
Week 11 May 17-23 Political Parties Chapter 10, Crash Course Video 40-41
Week 12 May 24-30 Domestic Policy Chapter 11, Crash Course Video 15, 16, 47, 49 & Domestic Policy Chapter
Week 13 May 31-Jun 6 Foreign Policy Chapter 10, Crash Course Video 50 Final Slide Due by June 6
June 9-12 Take Final Exam
Jun 13 Absolute Last Date for all Adventures to be submitted.